Learn GraphQL by building a React Native app with GraphCMS and Relay

The modern world of software development has a lot of things that are very interesting, for example Jam Stack and server-less functions, but what's about fetching data?

Ok The answer is easy, GraphQL This a query language that permits you get specific data throw a query, is easy to understand and powerful, stop to building a lot of endpoints that would be very tedious to test, with GraphQL you only get what your need.

So whats we gonna learn in this Katas?

  1. Core and intermediate concepts about GraphQL.
  2. Setting up correctly a react native app.
  3. Generating our Interface and design system guidelines.
  4. Fetching, updating and deleting GraphQL data.
  5. Password-less authentication techniques.
  6. Getting location and taking photos.

Whats we gonna build?

We gonna build a Places finder app, were we have a auth system were the users can create a new cool places, send photos and location of their favorite places. The app will show us the place and the reviews about that place, all data will be handle with GraphQL through GraphCMS.

Whats lessons we gonna take?

  1. Whats is GraphQL (coming soon).
  2. GraphQL intermediate concepts  (coming soon).
  3. Whats is Relay?  (coming soon).
  4. Setup our GraphCMS project (coming soon).
  5. Organizing our App Architecture (coming soon).
  6. Setup of our React Native project with GraphQL  (coming soon).
  7. Setup our UI with Shopify Restyle (coming soon).
  8. Setup our Navigation with React Navigation (coming soon).
  9. Auth with Magic (coming soon).
  10. Setup Map box in our React native project (coming soon).
  11. Create Places Screen (coming soon).
  12. Create Place detail Screen (coming soon).
  13. Stylish our Map Screen (coming soon).
  14. Getting review (coming soon).
  15. Sending Reviews (coming soon).
  16. Updating reviews (coming soon).
  17. Creating place screen (coming soon).
  18. Taking photo place (coming soon).
  19. Sending GeoLocalization (coming soon).
  20. Editing Place (coming soon).
  21. Refactoring our app (coming soon).
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